Indoor Event Arches

Bannerbow offers innovative display products for exhibition, event and retail. The experience and feeling that Bannerbow event arches creates are really unique. Bannerbow portable event arches and backdrop can easily create an exciting portable branding solution with style and overhead experience. Indoor bases come in a choice of silver aluminium or black bases.

Available in 3 Sizes

Bannerbow is available in 3 different sizes which can be mixed and matched together to suit any situation.

Bannerbow Sizes

Single or Double-sided

All Bannerbow arches are available with a single piece of material – or – if you require a different image on the inside and the outside – you can choose the double-sided fabric which has two fabric layers with a ‘light-stop’ material sandwiched between which prevents the images from both sides bleeding into each other.


The Bannerbow Story

Bannerbow Set-up Advantages

Bannerbow Indoor Set Up

Bannerbow - 3 Sizes

Bannerbow Trailer Set Up

Bannerbow Cross Tunnel

Bannerbow Event Inspiration

Bannerbow Machine Washable

Packing Instructions


Title File Size Format
Bannerbow Brochure
PDF Brochure showing the full Bannerbow range
5.24Mb  PDF
Bannerbow Indoor Setup Guide 1.72Mb  PDF
Template (Small Single-sided) 482kb  PDF
Template (Small Double-sided) 1.31Mb  PDF
Template (Medium Single-sided) 1.31Mb  PDF
Template (Medium Double-sided) 1.31Mb  PDF
Template (Large Single-sided) 1.31Mb  PDF

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