Audi Adopts Bannerbow : A Pan-European Portable Branding Solution

Bannerbow [Audi]

Transforming Showroom Interiors with Bannerbow

Audi, renowned for its sleek designs and innovative technology, has embraced Bannerbow’s unique branding solutions to enhance their showroom aesthetics throughout Europe. With a keen eye on sophistication, these portable branding arches seamlessly integrate with Audi’s interiors, providing a contemporary touch to the ambiance. Not only do they echo Audi’s commitment to quality, but they also ensure a consistent brand experience for visitors.

Showcasing Excellence Outdoors

Outdoor brand promotion has taken a new turn with Audi utilising Bannerbow’s versatile designs. Perfectly tailored for the outdoors, these arches showcase new models, drawing attention and creating anticipation among customers. Whether under the sun or facing the elements, Bannerbow ensures Audi’s brand stands tall and prominent, resonating with its hallmark of resilience and elegance.

Welcoming Visitors in Style

Audi believes in making first impressions count, and what better way than with Bannerbow’s entrance arches? Gracing the entrances of Audi showrooms across Europe, these branded arches offer a grand welcome to potential buyers and enthusiasts alike. Each arch, meticulously designed and branded, sets the tone for what lies ahead, promising an immersive Audi experience from the very first step.

Seamless Updates for Fresh Branding

Understanding the dynamic nature of the automobile industry, Audi has made sure its branding remains up-to-date. Whenever a new model or branding initiative is launched, fresh Bannerbow fabrics are crafted with precision and dispatched to individual dealerships. This streamlined process ensures that Audi remains at the forefront, reflecting its latest offerings and branding in real-time.

This proactive approach from Audi, in collaboration with Bannerbow, highlights a future where branding solutions are not just about static posters or banners, but about creating interactive and immersive brand experiences.

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